Monday, March 10, 2014

Y'all Come Back Now!

Thanks for reading my blog! Visit back daily for the following types of posts - Because three minutes spent reading a fun and informative blog post is better than three minutes of mindlessly scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed ;)

California Dreamin' posts show my favorite spots all over California. Get ready for some serious #beachpics and #palmtreepics. (An art I like to think I mastered during my years living in Southern California.)

Fitness posts offer advice on how to rock a bikini bid year round, gathered from my personal experience as a dancer, yogi, crossfitter, and sister to a know-it-all personal trainer. 

Ode To The California Girl: Read profiles on my favorite California Girls, including my inspiring gal pals and well known California Girls who are doing it right. 

Fashion and beauty tips will keep your California Girl style on point.

Relaxation Station: A look at how California Girls like to relax, unwind (or more realistically - unplug), and let loose. 

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