Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Beach Waves

We all want that hair...that glistens in the sun, slightly crunches and smells of salt water, and effortlessly flows into soft, loose waves down past our collar bones. In my eyes, there's only one queen to the beach wave - and it's Katrina from Tone It Up. Watch her video for a tutorial on how to get her tossled to perfection 'do. 

My beach wave product must haves:

Ode to the California Girl: Lauren Conrad, The CEO

Much of my inspiration for this blog has been from Lauren Conrad's blog, www.laurenconrad.com

Her effortless style, mature decision making, and stable minded, fun loving personality has drawn me in since I was a senior in high school watching her chase Steven around on the show "Laguna Beach." Her success at being the ultimate California Girl and role model is inspiring to say the least. From my eyes, here are a few life lessons we can all take from Lauren Conrad, and a look at her perfectly effortless-chic lifestyle:

1. CEO - Conrad fully embraces her title as being the CEO of her own brand - just ask her. This girl works hard. She could easily throw in the towel and cash in for an early retirement. I'm not sure of her net worth, but seeing as she recently purchased an 8.5 MILLION dollar home in her hometown of Laguna Beach, I don't think she's scraping pennies. She continues to work hard at her multiple clothing lines (Lauren Conrad for Kohls and Paper Crown), books, blog, and The Little Market - a collection of ethically sourced handmade goods that she founded with a girlfriend.

2. She Follows Her Creative Passions. The always stylish Lauren Conrad has stayed true to her dreams of a career in fashion since she graduated high school about ten years ago. Her determination and ability to stay focused on her career goals have allowed her to turn her passion into a money making career.

3. She Makes Smart Decisions. She pulled out of "The Hills" before it turned into a drunk cat-fight fest, decided to go to college instead of relying on reality tv fame, and has seemingly steered clear of regrettable decisions such as plastic surgery, drinking and driving, or publicly bashing others.

4. She Helps Others. Conrad co-founded The Little Market with a friend from FIDM, with the goal of helping women artisans in other countries. The collection of ethically sourced goods features accessories, candles, d├ęcor, luggage, kitchenware, you name it. Learn more about their travels and immersion into worldly cultures here.

Perfectly tossled waves, check. Hometown love, check. Published author, check. Classic California girl side braid, check. Using her success to help others, shameless selfies, and the most beautiful rock on her finger for being the ultimate California Girl? Check.

If you don't already, be sure to follow this young lady on her many social media profiles for more daily inspiration:

Monday, March 10, 2014

Y'all Come Back Now!

Thanks for reading my blog! Visit back daily for the following types of posts - Because three minutes spent reading a fun and informative blog post is better than three minutes of mindlessly scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed ;)

California Dreamin' posts show my favorite spots all over California. Get ready for some serious #beachpics and #palmtreepics. (An art I like to think I mastered during my years living in Southern California.)

Fitness posts offer advice on how to rock a bikini bid year round, gathered from my personal experience as a dancer, yogi, crossfitter, and sister to a know-it-all personal trainer. 

Ode To The California Girl: Read profiles on my favorite California Girls, including my inspiring gal pals and well known California Girls who are doing it right. 

Fashion and beauty tips will keep your California Girl style on point.

Relaxation Station: A look at how California Girls like to relax, unwind (or more realistically - unplug), and let loose. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Best Places To Get Your Tan On in CA

Here are a few of my tried and true favorite places to get my glow on in Southern, Northern and Central California. From South to North. And this goes without saying, but please ladies, practice safe sun. (Loving coconut oil instead of baby oil right now. It leaves you super smooth and still attracts the sun without leaving you bright red like baby oil does.)

Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA
Grab some cheap Mexican food and an acai bowl then head to this laid back, tourist-free beach. Be sure to stop in all the vintage and antique shops along the min street off the end of the beach near the long pier.

Coronado Island, San Diego, CA
Walk through Hotel Coronado on your way to the beach and have a cocktail at the outdoor ocean-view bar. It feels more like a tropical island resort than a San Diego beach. You can also actually see Mexico when looking to your left. The only downfall is the constant military airplanes flying overhead due to all the military bases in San Diego - feels a bit like a war zone. 

T Street Beach, San Clemente, CA
Laid back, surfer central. Definitely a private beach, locals only feel to this relaxing atmosphere. I liked to wave to the train passengers as they rode by :)

Laguna Beach, CA
Laguna Beach is very dog friendly. And not only can you am with your pooch, you can enjoy cocktails and snacks at one of the beaches many restaurants just steps up from the sand. A few of my favorites are The Deck and The Rooftop. But avoid prime hours as these bars are small and can get packed. 

Backyard Swimming Pools in the East Bay Do not underestimate the power of a beautiful backyard and the hot summer sun.

Huntington Square Park on Nob Hill in San Francisco, CA
Not exactly bikini weather here, but a great park to relax and feel safe in on a warm afternoon. 

One Mile Park in Chico, CA
On scorching hot summer days in Chico, nothing is more refreshing than an ice cold beer and a local watering hole. Shaped like a swimming pool, the water is actually flowing in from the Sacramento River. 

5. About Me

If there's one thing I've got down, its how to be a California Girl. Some may see it as a bad thing that I haven't travelled much out of California, or that I often hop from city to city, or Northern to Southern California, and back again. Sure I want to get out of this beautiful golden state, but California has so much to offer that I think it's safe to say that the golden state has me locked in. 

Born and raised in California, I've travelled up and down the coast countless times. Family vacations consisted of trips to Disneyland, San Diego Beaches, and long summer tays in Santa Cruz. I guess with so much to offer, I've perfected to art of the long weekend getaway, rather than the month long trip to another country.

A very curious and creative soul, I've followed my creative passions and inquisitions to many different parts of California. I learned how to write (..and do a few other things...) while earning my Bachelor's degree at California State University, Chico way up north, I relaxed and worked on my tan while living in San Diego, lived by the beach and worked hard in Orange County, and had loads of fun and wasted a lot of money living in San Francisco. Regardless of where I was or what I was doing, I learned many life lessons along the way. I'm still learning and adventuring, and I want to share my most memorable past and present moments with you.

From someone who has lived, breathed and vacationed all over California, here's my guide to you on how to be a California Girl - whether you're new to the area, planning a vacation, or want to bring some of our effortless style back to your hometown across the county. Enjoy :)