Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ode to the California Girl: Lauren Conrad, The CEO

Much of my inspiration for this blog has been from Lauren Conrad's blog, www.laurenconrad.com

Her effortless style, mature decision making, and stable minded, fun loving personality has drawn me in since I was a senior in high school watching her chase Steven around on the show "Laguna Beach." Her success at being the ultimate California Girl and role model is inspiring to say the least. From my eyes, here are a few life lessons we can all take from Lauren Conrad, and a look at her perfectly effortless-chic lifestyle:

1. CEO - Conrad fully embraces her title as being the CEO of her own brand - just ask her. This girl works hard. She could easily throw in the towel and cash in for an early retirement. I'm not sure of her net worth, but seeing as she recently purchased an 8.5 MILLION dollar home in her hometown of Laguna Beach, I don't think she's scraping pennies. She continues to work hard at her multiple clothing lines (Lauren Conrad for Kohls and Paper Crown), books, blog, and The Little Market - a collection of ethically sourced handmade goods that she founded with a girlfriend.

2. She Follows Her Creative Passions. The always stylish Lauren Conrad has stayed true to her dreams of a career in fashion since she graduated high school about ten years ago. Her determination and ability to stay focused on her career goals have allowed her to turn her passion into a money making career.

3. She Makes Smart Decisions. She pulled out of "The Hills" before it turned into a drunk cat-fight fest, decided to go to college instead of relying on reality tv fame, and has seemingly steered clear of regrettable decisions such as plastic surgery, drinking and driving, or publicly bashing others.

4. She Helps Others. Conrad co-founded The Little Market with a friend from FIDM, with the goal of helping women artisans in other countries. The collection of ethically sourced goods features accessories, candles, décor, luggage, kitchenware, you name it. Learn more about their travels and immersion into worldly cultures here.

Perfectly tossled waves, check. Hometown love, check. Published author, check. Classic California girl side braid, check. Using her success to help others, shameless selfies, and the most beautiful rock on her finger for being the ultimate California Girl? Check.

If you don't already, be sure to follow this young lady on her many social media profiles for more daily inspiration:

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