Friday, March 7, 2014

5. About Me

If there's one thing I've got down, its how to be a California Girl. Some may see it as a bad thing that I haven't travelled much out of California, or that I often hop from city to city, or Northern to Southern California, and back again. Sure I want to get out of this beautiful golden state, but California has so much to offer that I think it's safe to say that the golden state has me locked in. 

Born and raised in California, I've travelled up and down the coast countless times. Family vacations consisted of trips to Disneyland, San Diego Beaches, and long summer tays in Santa Cruz. I guess with so much to offer, I've perfected to art of the long weekend getaway, rather than the month long trip to another country.

A very curious and creative soul, I've followed my creative passions and inquisitions to many different parts of California. I learned how to write (..and do a few other things...) while earning my Bachelor's degree at California State University, Chico way up north, I relaxed and worked on my tan while living in San Diego, lived by the beach and worked hard in Orange County, and had loads of fun and wasted a lot of money living in San Francisco. Regardless of where I was or what I was doing, I learned many life lessons along the way. I'm still learning and adventuring, and I want to share my most memorable past and present moments with you.

From someone who has lived, breathed and vacationed all over California, here's my guide to you on how to be a California Girl - whether you're new to the area, planning a vacation, or want to bring some of our effortless style back to your hometown across the county. Enjoy :)

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